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Refuge History
What is now Long Grass Nature Refuge was originally a mixed dairy and cropping farm owned by the Baines family. In 1897 Mat Baines took up a selection in the rugged Rockmount District and his marriage produced two boys and two girls. Mat selected a property for his son James on "Egypt", the sort of country that needed a man with a strong back, and a will to live in a harsh environment. James Alexander Baines married Agnes Anne Walker in 1911 their marriage producing five boys and four girls. Two of the boys Jimmie and Matt enlisted in the army with the outbreak of war in 1939. The other boys Robert (Bob) and George settled at West Haldon and Fordsdale. James died 3/6/1955 aged 63. Agnes died 28/7/1966 aged 79.
In the early 1960's the Baines family won Golden Casket and sold the property to Dick Cork. The Corks never lived on the property but used it to graze cattle and horses. Dick Cork died 5 Nov 1981 aged 63 years and is buried in the Ma Ma Creek cemetary. The properties passed to his children and were eventually purchased by Gabrielle Friebe and Peter Richards to establish Long Grass Nature Refuge.
Agnes and Olive at the old house early 1990s Agnes at old house early 1990s Back Row: Agnes Baines, Ron Davies, Olive Francis Baines, May Baines, James Alexander Baines, Annie Baines, May Baines, Daphne Baines, 
George Ray Baines. Baines family Baines family long_grass_nature_refuge004024.jpg Two of the Baines girls long_grass_nature_refuge004022.jpg Some of the kids Father Baines, Phil, Bob & Moore girls with load of hay on the Ford George Walkers house Hoey and Mervyn Cook and Jack Cork at West Haldon Polo Ground Joy Baines in the old cattle yards Jim and Matt Baines Pearl, Helen and May about to go riding. long_grass_nature_refuge004014.jpg Grandfather Baines Grandfather Baines Car May Baines, Great grandfather Baines George Walkers house Cattle at the far dam long_grass_nature_refuge004008.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge004007.jpg Maize crop Phil Baines on Fordson Major Phil Baines on Fordson Major with mouldboard plough Crop of seed onions Steel wheeled Fordson tractor and maize crop View from the back door of the old house
Some old photos of the property