Joey Bags
Hanging Joey Bags for Juvenile joeys
Hanging joey bags give joeys the freedom to hop in and out of their bags when they desire. The transition from inside to outside is so much easier for the joey as you just move the same bag styles outside.
All bags should be made using 100% cotton with a heavy cotton drill or similar outer and lined with cotton (summer weight) or flannelette (winter weight). A 90 cm curtain rod with one plastic end is used to thread through the top of the bags to hang them on the stands (see picture below).
The winter weight bags are preferred by the younger animals as they are cosier. The cotton lined bags are best for summer and joeys from 5kgs right up to the end of their pouch life.
The pictures below show kangaroo joey bags.
As I said the transition from inside to outside is so easy with these bags when the most important thing (the joey bag for security) does not change. Kangaroo joeys (and kangaroo hanging joey bags) pictured.
Seal Furred to Juvenile - daytime joey bags (cut down front so they can look at the world)
For younger kangaroo (seal furred to ~2 kg) and wallaby joeys (seal furred to ~1.5 kg) we use a different bag to stimulate the joey and give it the freedom to look around when it feels like it. Just like it would in mums pouch. Here are some pictures of these bags in use. If you can sew you are welcome to copy them. These bags are lined. Just sew 2 and put them together so no seams show. All bags should use 100% natural fabrics.
Patterns can be downloaded above. 
Seal Furred to Juvenile - night time joey bags (padded)
At night young joeys need to be very snug. These bags are double lined and super snug. This is an example of a night time kangaroo joey bag. We always use liners for our joeys as well made out of a combinations of cotton, cotton knit and flannelette. They are double thickness, super snug with no visible seams. Liners come in Small, suitable to 250g, Medium, suitable to 700g, and Large from approx 700g right through to 2.5kg. Please note, I dont like packing my joeys too tight. Mums pouch is flexible and I like them to be able to move their legs if they want to. The weights listed are my preferences. Patterns can be downloaded above.
The stands are easy to make and we have quite a variety. See 'Joey Stands' for plans to make your own. Some are old table legs and some are purpose made. Wallaby stands are 52 cms high. They need to be just high enough so the hanging bags are off the ground. Kangaroo stands are 68 cms high once again they need to be high enough so the bags are off the ground. The lower size is also a bit more like mums body size and they seem happier with this. Below are some pictures to give you some ideas.
How to hang these bags including stands and poles to thread through the top of the bags are discussed later.
Here are some pictures of wallaby joeys venturing out of their hanging wallaby joey bags, so easy! They are relaxed, their bags are so close offering great security .
bags10.jpg bags11.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge007014.jpg bags13.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge007013.jpg bags15.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge007012.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge007011.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge007010.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge007009.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge007008.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge007007.jpg long_grass_nature_refuge007006.jpg

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Unfortunately we no longer supply bags but you are welcome to download the patterns and make your own
Download these PDF documents for patterns and instructions to make your own bags.
This website has a fantastic tutorial on how to make our bags, along with digitised patterns for download
Another great resource is the Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild FB page
Here is a good video by Naomi Huntsman showing how to make the bags.