Teat Moulds
Making your own Mammal Teats

Purchasing latex rubber teats to feed orphaned wildlife can be expensive as teats often have a very short life span. With these inexpensive wooden teat moulds you can make your own mammal teats for a fraction of the price.

All moulds have a diameter of 17mm. The photograph of the moulds also shows a centimeter scale of teat lengths to assist you to choose your preferred sizes. We will make any size and shape of mould you may require. If you cant see what you are looking for, email us.

We have a number of latex suppliers listed in the Teat Making Instructions covering each state. If you find a good supplier in your area please let us know so we are able to add their details to the list to assist other carers.

If you think it is hard making your own teats just read the instructions.

We have the following teat moulds available for purchase
5 - suitable for kangaroos over 10 kg to weaning at 18 months old
4 - suitable for kangaroos 5kg - 10 kg
3 - suitable for kangaroos <3kg - 5 kg & wallabies close to weaning
2 - suitable for kangaroos <2kg & larger wallabies
1 - suitable for pinkie kangaroo & wallaby joeys

Flying Foxes
SB - suitable for < 10 day old and premature flying foxes
LB - suitable for flying foxes 10 days to weaning

Possums, Bandicoots and Antechinus
SM - suitable for unfurred and furred possums, bandicoots, antechinus and other small mammals

LW - suitable for larger unweaned wombats and koalas
SW - suitable for small koalas and wombats

The cost of one mould is $6.00. Postage for 1-13 moulds is the price of an Australia Post 500g satchel which seems to go up in price on a regular basis but is about $7.20. With every order of five moulds you will receive a stand as well. All orders also receive instructions. The picture below is a set of five moulds which would cost $30.00 plus postage.
Another example, if you require the whole set of 10 moulds, the cost would be $60 plus postage and would include 2 stands plus instructions.

If you would like to order moulds, please email for direct deposit details.

The more moulds you have of your favourite size the easier it is to make the teats.
Here is a picture of my moulds on the stand after 2 latex dips. As I am able to preserve the teats for an indefinite period in the freezer I generally make what I require for the whole year in one batch.


Orders are taken by email ONLY. Do NOT telephone Long Grass Systems with your order.
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