Teats are made using environmentally friendly wooden moulds. They cost $1.20 each (plus postage), minimum order 10 teats. Most sizes are dipped three times (3ply) and last longer than most commercially available teats. Size one (pinkies) and bat teats are dipped twice (2ply). Syringe teats are available for our tiny friends, these are dipped twice (2ply) and are very soft. We also make special orders. If you can't see what you want please ask and we will see if it is possible to make them. Contact us by email
Unfortunately we are not able to supply teats at the moment.
5 - suitable for kangaroos over 10 kg to weaning at 18 months old
4 - suitable for kangaroos 5kg - 10 kg
3 - suitable for kangaroos <3kg - 5 kg & wallabies close to weaning
2 - suitable for kangaroos <2kg & larger wallabies
1 - suitable for pinkie kangaroo & wallaby joeys

Flying Foxes
SB - suitable for < 10 day old and premature flying foxes
LB - suitable for flying foxes 10 days to weaning

Possums, Bandicoots and Antechinus
SM - suitable for unfurred and furred possums, bandicoots, antechinus and other small mammals

LW - suitable for larger unweaned wombats and koalas
SW - suitable for small koalas and wombats 

Unfortunately we are not able to supply teats at the moment.

Orders are taken by email ONLY. Do NOT telephone your order.
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